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Life: Reviewed – Summer Holidays November 30, 2009

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Dad getting into the Summer Vibe!

Three months of blank canvas to spill paint on willy nilly.

Oh the joy of summer holidays!

But I always have my list; for holidays can start to feel quite empty without a plan. It’s like you get writers block for that blank canvas and soon are either zoned like a zombie hypnotised by Summer TV marathons or frantically searching for distraction while all your friends have seemingly deserted you for overseas missions trips or summer jobs.

SO to give you some ideas I humbly present my own ideas for the summer holidays, the aim being at the end of summer I will review how each of these went…

Big Projects for Summer:

  • Blog: My plan is to launch this new blog off the ground with a bank of great posts.  I’m aiming to write one a day but we’ll see how that pans out…also good for keeping my writing skills up between the finish of high school and the start of uni
  • Get my drivers license: No more excuses
  • Chomp through my MASSIVE READING PILE/LIST: I have been adding to this all year. I love those book lists and always plan on reading them from start to finish, ticking off as I go. But firstly I’m starting by revisting my childhood favourite and defining influence, the Anne of Green Gables series
  • To go all holidays without complaining: I have stolen this great idea from Tim Ferriss and I think it’s brilliant. I mean the final year of school teaches you to be a world class whinger but imagine if you could change your thoughts and actions and make lie better for everyone around you!
  • Spend as much time as possible with family and friends before moving to uni/college: As cliched as it sounds I’m treasuring every moment with my family before I move away…from playing Super Smash Bros with my brother and making fun of all the metro characters to helping Mum organise items for the local Carols by Candelight.
  • Ask your parents what’s something you can do for them in the holidays: Mum’s asked me to digitalise her entire music collection. Hell yeah!
  • Learn how to cook: Cos I am accidently-melt-the-handles-off-the-rice-cooker-bad at this. For some reason I have eschewed the worthy and useful skill of cooking for years and have now panicked that I will starve next year unless I learn how to! I’ve discovered it’s actually fun. Check out Copykat and Hungrygirl for recipes. Also good for spending time with family while Mum or Dad teaches me the Way of the Kitchen
  • Make a demo CD and gig locally with my band ‘Aristotle’s Chimney’
  • Hardcore Room Combing, Fixing, Organising: This is the summer I upheave every nook and crammy of my Space; who knows I may rediscover something within the years of accumulated stuff
  • Learn how to play Mandolin: Cos I’m going to be that cool girl who plays mandolin…wait and see! If you’re intersted on joining me with this venture, Mandolin Cafe is a site you must go to (load of free downloads and music plus technique stuff)

Other Ideas

  • Make a mega Christmas playlist in iTunes to play constantly during December
  • Expand your brain by subscribing to interesting/different blogs or downloading podcasts. My favourite Podcasts include Dan Carlin Hardcore Histories (American, fascinating insights from varies angles), Mark Steele’s different series on history and famous people  (British, history, hilarious)
  • Make a dessert pizza
  • Watch random Docos on the ABC

Links for more ideas

  • Dumb Little Man’s List of 12 Sites to kill time for those wanting to waste time on the computer (which I certainly will not be doing!)
  • 15 Fun Fabulous Cheap Date Ideas for those with a special honey summer is the time to sprinkle a few interesting dates liberally. Surviving College Life shares ideas that are quite fun, fabulous and cheap!
  • Summer Wise is a fantastic series of posts from Surviving College Life with ideas and activites ranging from cooking to volunteering.

2 Responses to “Life: Reviewed – Summer Holidays”

  1. Thanks for the links. 🙂 It looks like you have a lot of fun goals to keep up with. I ADORE the Anne of Green Gables series, too, and also have a huge to-read list. It is so gratifying to tick a book off of it. 🙂

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